Walk the Walk, Pt. 1 (with a side of sneakers)

There is so much to say, but I'm still trying to figure it out. There is a dialogue happening (also a lot of shouting, but somewhere, a dialogue) that I very much need to be a part of...but it's going to take me some thought as to how and when to enter into the fray.  I don't think the social media are my avenue right now.  Frankly, these days, as much as I agree with a lot of what's out there (on my carefully-curated feed, mind you)...the social media are hard to take. Don't get me wrong.  I've loved some of the shouting.  Loved the glorious, affirming coming-togetherness of the past ... [READ MORE]

Wednesday Wishlist: Nest Studio Stylin’ Mama

In lieu of a dedicated Wednesday Wishlist post this week, I humbly direct your attention to my friend Jess Davis' lifestyle blog (and amazing home design site), Nest Studio.  As some of you may recall, I used to write for Nest Studio on a fairly regular basis, but then I...stopped, actually.  That was last year, which will officially go down in history as the year I said yes to everything and got myself more overextended than any sane human should.  (Hence this year, when I've said no to everything and spend most days happily holed up at home, writing.  Whee!) But now that I'm writing ... [READ MORE]

Wednesday Wishlist: 7 Best Fall Jeans

As I raided my own closet a few weeks back, I made peace with the fact that all I want to wear is jeans and a good top, on repeat.  I've always known this, of course, but the magpie in me has continued to be drawn toward special somethings and glittery this's and that's along the way. No more.  I officially have closet-focus. It's a general enough mom-iform: can be dressed up or down, can be re-worked for professional settings or park ones.  There is even room for a skirt or two in there.  So without further ado, I offer my top denim picks for Fall (with a few classic shoes in there for ... [READ MORE]

Wednesday Wishlist: Midsummer Stripes

After dropping the kiddos at camp this morning I took a wander through North Beach to return some library books and grab a coffee. I ran into a few moms from the 'hood and we were remarking about what a beautiful morning it was. The sun is finally out after days and days (and days and days) of drizzly fog and it just...Feels. So. Good. Good enough to make a gal want to run home and put on that one sundress hanging in the back reaches of the closet. Except not, because it was also 59 degrees at 9 a.m., I was perfectly comfortable in black running tights and a sweatshirt, and this is ... [READ MORE]

Stripped Down

The long-timers know that back in the day I used to write a column for my girl Jess at Nest Studio called Stylin' Mamma, where I'd put together an outfit based on stuff going on in my fascinating, glamorous life as an inexpert mom-of-two-children under-ten/part-time philanthropy consultant.  (I know.  Don't be jealous.)  I would sometimes link back to LotF and sometimes not; I generally thought of this blog and that blog as two separate pursuits. However, I recently decided that writing is writing, and I might as well start writing all in one spot.  Also: I spend an (unjustifiably) ... [READ MORE]

Tiny Dancer

I dream of his n' hers sinks (and his n' hers closets, as long as we're dreaming).  I mean, what I really dream of is a third bedroom and a second bathroom and a home office and hardwood floors, but in this remodeled hypothetical home I'd definitely install some his n' hers spaces. Dreams aside, we have made do with our standard, one-sink-for-all situation for some time now, and one of the funny little rituals that has evolved is that my husband and I brush our teeth at the same time every night.  It's like an unwritten date.  For two minutes, armed with dueling Sonicares, we stare at our ... [READ MORE]

Older (alternatively: All About Lash Extensions)

Before I get started on this post which is (spoiler alert) about a bit of vanity and cosmetic upgrades, can we have a moment?  Can we all take a collective breath and say SHEESH!  This parenting gig can be So. Freaking. Hard. I mean, how do you know if you are completely screwing it up??  You don't.  Sigh. Okay, that's done.  Thanks, all.  I needed that tonight.  Back to business. I was going through some old photos searching for a title image for this post, and it forced a little bit of a look at how I am aging. Wait: before you can roll your eyes: I know.  I know I'm hardly an ... [READ MORE]