About Me


I was born and raised in San Francisco, and though times have changed and we talk of little else, my husband and I are, apparently, making a go of this city life with our two children.

We work and we parent, and somewhere in the middle of it all I write, a long-forgotten personal passion that bubbled its way back to the surface sometime after my son was born in 2008.

How do you balance work and motherhood?  Mine is certainly not the only blog — or column, or article, or book, or research study — devoted to the topic, but here it is nonetheless: my humble account of one woman, and her entirely ordinary quest to be a mother, even a good mother.  (Which is itself something extraordinary.)

The blog was born in my North Beach kitchen during a confusing, wonderful stretch of months when I found myself suddenly and self-righteously unemployed — which is to say, the full-time mother of a ten-month-old.  I had given up the only thing I knew I was really good at in favor of seven days a week with the most confounding little person on the planet: my darling child.  Because I could not really understand him yet, I watched him, wrote about him, walked miles and miles and miles with him, and fed him.  Some combination of walking and homemade baby food gave me the direction my life suddenly lacked.

My Babyman grew into a LittleMan somewhere along the way and got himself a baby sister, known on these pages as Babygirl, in August 2011.  The blog (and the blogger) grew too.  Less on the Floor is now less about food and more about life, family, motherhood, babies, children and that creative impulse: whatever keeps you off the floor.

In 2014 I co-founded a new lifestyle site for mothers in the so-called 4th Trimester, so my time is divided between Less on the Floor and serving as chief content director of that project, dubbed postmodyrn: After is the New Now.  And finally, because we all need a side passion, when I am not pondering the Motherhood Question on postmodyrn or here at Less on the Floor, I can be found living out a sartorial fantasy under the moniker Stylin’ Mamma on the design blog Nest Studio.

Thank you for reading.