Party On

Style Board by Jess Davis, The Eagle’s Nest

The Month of Birthdays continues.  Our quiet family celebration, the Spidey-Doo birthday party, a picnic in the park for Babygirl and my niece, and — coming soon — a dinner party with family friends…Every weekend lately serves up an excuse to eat cake and drink wine.  (For better or worse.)

In the meantime, back-to-school activities keep us on our toes from Monday to Friday.  Parent association meetings, soccer practice, the frantic dash to buy new cleats because we’ve outgrown last season’s, new nap schedules…The list goes on and on (and on and on) and somewhere in the middle of it all we work and learn and finally, at the end of the day, sit.

The late-blooming San Francisco summer weather, with clear skies and warm sunshine, gives us the energy boost we need to power through.  And a couple of new wardrobe items — like a kicky pair of heels and the sassy shorts featured on this week’s Eagle’s Nest post — put a little spring in this erstwhile sartorialist’s step.

Happy fall shopping…

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