This Crazy Life

Wake.  Work out.  Pack lunchboxes.  Shower.  Attempt hairstyle.  Put on shoes.  Put little feet in little shoes.  Put little arms in little sweaters.  Gather bags and children.  Battle carseat.  Drop-off.  Drop-off.  Check email on phone.  Drive.  Arrive.  Check email.  Check Gilt (I confess).  Work.

Check calendar.  Check time.  Call babysitter.  Call another babysitter.  Stress about babysitters.  Pencil in shopping time.  Work faster to leave work earlier.  Drive.  Park.  Procure Legos/scarves/jewelry/glassware.  Procure gift wrap.  Procure dinner.  Drive.  Pick-up.  Pick-up.  Park.  Unload.  Take off shoes.  Turn on lights.  Empty lunchboxes.  Change clothes.  Make dinner.  Play/color/read/sing/tickle.  Serve dinner.  Bath.  Books.  Bedtime.


God knows girlfriend needs some sturdy boots for this daily December mad dash.

Exhibit A on display on the Eagle’s Nest this week.

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