Lunch Lady Land

  A smattering of new lunchbox containers (yay!) featuring the Shark Chase, Pop of Color, and Rockstar Custom Name Labels from Minted. I remember exactly the first time LittleMan read me a book.  We had bought a compilation of Level One stories based on Pixar movies, and this particular story was about opposites: The horse is fast.  Merida is happy.  The bear is mad.  The wall is high.   LittleMan was in Kindergarten and we sat on the couch and he read me these ten pages or so and afterwards I flipped through the book alone and wept with pride and amazement that he had cracked ... [READ MORE]

Diggin’ on Dumpin’

When I was a little girl, maybe three/three-and-a-half years old, my parents started training me to make my own breakfast.  I would wake in the morning and head to the kitchen, where they would have left a bowl of dry cereal and a tiny pitcher of milk on a low shelf in the fridge.  While they got ready for the day, I would pour the milk myself and settle at the table for breakfast.  To this day, I eat cereal every single morning. Babyman and my husband eat breakfast together, side-by-side at the dining room table, hair askew, while I pack lunches in the kitchen.  We have a window from the ... [READ MORE]

Toddler Food: the Fantasy & the Reality

I was browsing through the New York Times' Motherlode blog this morning and this post jumped out at me. Yes.  Exactly. Enjoy! ... [READ MORE]

Ch-ch-ch-change it up!

Babyman is off yogurt.  This happens from time to time; he'll devour something for months, then want nothing to do with it for a while.  Of course eventually it works its way back into his heart...provided I keep offering it every so often. Some of these hot-n-cold foods don't really pose much of an issue (sweet potatoes, squash, bananas) as they are easily substituted or concealed somehow (usually in muffins or oatmeal).  Others are a big pain.  Yogurt falls in the latter category, as it is one of my breakfast-lunch-snacktime staples, easy to transport, and fun to mix with other ... [READ MORE]

The Metamorphosis of Small Bear

Babyman's favorite books are the Berenstain Bears series.  Most of us remember the Berenstain family thusly: Mama, Papa, Sister and Brother.  (Later on, Stan and Jan Berenstain's son Mike muscled his way into the family franchise and created third sibling Honey Bear, as well as a number of more commercial books and the animated television series, but we are purists.) A closer look at the canon reveals that in the first book (and the early readers, like Old Hat, New Hat) there are actually only three bears living in the tree-house deep in Bear County: Mama, Papa, and Small Bear.  The story ... [READ MORE]

Me Time, Tea Time

My Facebook feed the other day contained two articles about the disenchantment of parenthood: one analyzed how little "me-time" the average parent gets in a 24-hour period (90 minutes), and the other discussed the cognitive dissonance of parenthood, i.e. that we delude ourselves into thinking that this whole enterprise is rewarding in order to cope with the stress. Hmmm.  I can't help but wonder what purpose is served by these types of studies.  Is the human race to stop reproducing?  Should we be focused on the endless pursuit of personal pleasure and ignore an innate instinct to propagate ... [READ MORE]


Mealtimes are once again a battlefield.  This is a cyclical occurrence.  Sleep and food are the two things Babyman can control, so when he is transitioning through a hard-core Testing Twos phase, nap strikes and high-chair tantrums are his tools of choice.  They are effective, too, when it comes to cutting a parent off at the knees.  Both are deeply psychological weapons, as the parent knows what even the toddler himself can't grasp: that an infuriating mealtime or a missed nap is but the first phase; it is invariably followed by the Exhausted and Famished Toddler phase, a phase in which all ... [READ MORE]