The Lunchbox Mother Lode

So this morning at 5:55 I was standing in the kitchen, bleary-eyed after a ten-day vacation, and facing one of those strange, post-vacation fridges containing an assortment of “foods that keep” like sundried tomatoes in oil, peanut butter, and a sealed container of Precious ricotta.  Babyman’s lunch bux stood empty on the counter and I was at a loss.

The pantry yielded black beans, dried fruit, and some frozen banana-sweet potato pancakes which I spread with the ricotta cheese and pumpkin butter – it was the lunchbox equivalent of my fridge.  As I resolved to hit the grocery store on my way home from work, something on the morning news caught my ear: did someone say “Easy Lunch Boxes“?  Oh, yes.  Looks like I have evening plans…

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