The Half-Time Report

The other day my husband was describing Babyman to a friend and used a new analogy that I liked quite a bit.  In honor of the impending Superbowl, I will share it with you here:

“It’s like being a football coach,” he explained.  (In this analogy, my husband and I are one coach and Babyman is the entire opposing team, because yes, he’s that big of a force.)  “Basically, every few weeks — not all the time, but on a cycle — he mounts a really tough offense.  He’s got a new game and we’re just falling for it for a few days.  Then about two or three days in, we huddle — it’s like half-time — and we discuss what’s going on, and how to react.  Then it takes a few days for our strategy to work.  And then it works, and we’re back to normal.  The whole thing takes about a week.”

So basically rearing a toddler is like a series of football games.  And since football, in my opinion, is really just a reason to eat a whole lot of nachos and drink light beer, it’s no wonder that I feel so lost half the time!

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