Ch-ch-ch-change it up!

Babyman is off yogurt.  This happens from time to time; he’ll devour something for months, then want nothing to do with it for a while.  Of course eventually it works its way back into his heart…provided I keep offering it every so often.

Some of these hot-n-cold foods don’t really pose much of an issue (sweet potatoes, squash, bananas) as they are easily substituted or concealed somehow (usually in muffins or oatmeal).  Others are a big pain.  Yogurt falls in the latter category, as it is one of my breakfast-lunch-snacktime staples, easy to transport, and fun to mix with other ingredients.  Without yogurt, I’ll confess I’m hurting a bit.

So I was at a girlfriend’s house not long ago and stole a trick from her book: take those yogurt sticks they sell for lunchboxes and freeze them.  Instant frozen-yogurt popsicle!  In other words, a treat.  Genius.

Babyman had one after lunch the other day and thought he had inherited the moon: “Look, daddy!  I’m eating a popsicle!”  Oh, sneaky mommy.  It still doesn’t work for lunchboxes, but at least I can get the probiotics into him once in a while.

Once again, this is really a question of packaging: next on my list is those squirty applesauce containers they sell, and we’re going to give smoothies another try…

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