The This and The That

What has this woman been up to?

This poor blog, what whiplash it must feel: sometimes I just love all over it and sometimes I let it lie there, alone and untended, for weeks upon weeks.  But there I go anthropomorphizing something that doesn’t need it (I have quite enough living things depending on me, thanks); I suppose it’s nice to have a project like this, a sort of faux-commitment entirely of my own making.  So I let the blog go!  Who cares?  La dee da!  Look how free and loose I am!

The truth, for those of you following at home, is rather multifold.  One: as has been hinted, change is in the wind personally and professionally, which is thrilling and terrifying and brings with it a host of new challenges and responsibilities and a big wide world of promise.  I am ready.  There are still pieces to put in place, however, so for the moment I am treading water in a sort of limbo-pool, trying to balance the old and the new and waiting for the date (yes, there is a date) when — click! — the shift occurs and I can re-commit my energies in a more forward-looking fashion.  All this to say, more to come.

Two: we have been sick.  The children and I.  So sick.  Not permanently sick, nothing like that, but still, virulently and virally sick.  Sicker than I can recall being ever, in my life.  We are on the mend now but man, what a week.  My husband, unscathed: my hero.  Thank goodness for him, or the wheels might actually have come off entirely.

Three: it is May!  The official end-of-the-school-year!  Any parent knows that May is right up there with September (aka start-of-the-school-year) and Christmas as far as the endless parade of activities and assemblies and parties and partings.  We will bid adieu to LittleMan’s beloved school at the end of this week and I am trying to feel the freedom of new beginnings rather than the sadness of farewells.  But sometimes it’s hard.  Funny, how we attach to our children’s schools in this way.  The right school, the right teachers…it’s like an extension of your home, your heart, your hands: Here, take my baby and love him and mold him and teach him to write.  Thanks.

So that’s what this woman has been up to.

I haven’t stopped writing though — I do have other commitments to honor.  Specifically, I am on a biweekly deadline over at Nest Studio (a deadline I always push to the very last minute, oooops).  So if you are very interested you can read up a bit on various newsy bits and sartorial obsessions (and of course follow the lovely and talented Jess as she juggles her second baby and still keeps her house looking ridiculously amazing).

The Rundown

April 23: Rather obsessed with sheer pleated pants from Zara.  Trying to decide if I would actually wear them in my day-to-day life or if they would languish on a hanger.  (True confessions: I actually devoted thought to this question.  Escapism?)

All images in this post designed by Cori Magee for Nest Studio
May 7: Gravitating towards workout gear.  I usually don’t do the whole “Oh, I’m just jetting off to the gym!” look but I kind of feel like it’s in now, no?  And so…practical.  I mean, like, so very practical.
May 22: Confronting my addictions.  Nuff said.  But seriously, those white heels are cool, right?

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