Friday Recipe Roundup no. 2 (and on a Tuesday!)


I’m NOT making this this week…but a girl can fantasize.

Oh look, Week 2 of Friday Recipe Roundup came and went and I didn’t post!

I promise I have a good excuse…which will, in the short-term, be my excuse for all the things that will surely fall to the wayside between now and June: on very short notice I have started a temporary, full-time gig which is taking priority over, well, everything besides la famille.  Mostly because I haven’t worked full-time since I was pregnant with Babygirl, and those muscles are tight, and also because I’m psyched about the gig and I just want to bring it, you know?

But…first days being what they are (um, where’s the bathroom / meeting room / lunch room / wifi password?) I’ve got a moment to dash this off so I’m going to!  Better late than never.

Sunday (I know, Sunday is over, so make this on Friday if you wish): cast-iron-skillet pork chops with fresh rosemary marinade, and last-gasp winter salad (mixed power greens, pomegranate seeds, blue cheese, meyer lemon olive oil).
(Kid version: the same pork chops, with roasted broccoli.)

Monday: Amanda Gold’s Tuna Rice Bowl, substituting salmon for the tuna.  So easy, so tasty, and even company-worthy — trust me.
(Kid version: pan-seared salmon, brown rice, and whatever assortment of the veggies they’ll eat…hold the sauce and nothing touching, please and thank you.)

Tuesday: Sprouted Kitchen’s millet & arugula salad with quick pickled onions.  Yes, again.  I make this every week.
(Kid version: I’ll be honest, the kid version of this meal in my house is turkey burgers with carrot sticks.)

Wednesday: These roasted beans with feta and pesto, courtesy of Nopa, were featured in the Chronicle on Sunday and I’m going for it.  I’ll soak the beans tonight, then simmer them tomorrow morning during breakfast.  Watch me plan!  Yeah!
(Kid version: Set aside some of the beans, and serve with cheesy scrambled eggs.)

Thursday: I’m going easy on Thursday.  I have some farmer’s market sausage in the freezer, which I’ll cook up with whatever veggies are left in the fridge and toss with black bean pasta for an easy, comforting dish with a light salad.
(Kid version: Pasta with olive oil & parmesan; sausage, olives and red peppers served on the side.)

Friday: Take-Out.  Wine.  Yessssss.


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