Oscar Night in Wine Country

I'm lying all curled up in a bed in a Hilton in Santa Rosa. For the record, I've been lying in this bed for THREE HOURS. For the record, it's 9:36pm. It's been grand. I literally cannot remember the last time I spent THREE HOURS -- three reasonably day-lit, dinner-bath-and-bedtime-ish hours -- doing so much of absolutely nothing.  Besides watching the Oscars!  Drinking wine!  And doing an experimental "energizing Korean face mask" that my beauty-guru girlfriend gave me for Christmas! I feel simultaneously giddy and terrible.  Surely, somewhere in this world, there is laundry to ... [READ MORE]

Chasing Waves

It is a dangerous business, as a parent, to try to recreate perfection.  Invariably it leads to disappointment, because any moment is really the sum of its parts: how well everyone slept (or didn't), how hungry they are, how much they really just wanted to stay home and chill quietly with that new book, who has a tummy trouble or a hangnail...I mean, these are little things but when you travel as a pack -- as families and friends so often do -- you may be dealing with all, or nothing.  It's a delicate balance. I almost went back and deleted that word, perfection, because obviously nothing ... [READ MORE]

The Explorers

A few days before the Airport Fiasco we had pretty much the best day ever.  Parenting high-fives all over the place. It wasn't perfect -- there were tantrums, and certain parties were bored and starving and exhausted at various points throughout the day -- but on the balance?  Whoa, it was a winner. First off, we did something that we have NEVER DONE BEFORE.  This is a rare occurrence.  We know what we like and we have our routines...but sometimes, and long weekends in particular, just beg for a break from the norm.  Also, it stopped raining for ten minutes which meant we absolutely had ... [READ MORE]