To Babygirl, At Your First Birthday

Dear Babygirl, Did you think I was neglecting you on this blog?  I assure you that's not the case.  It's just that, until recently, you weren't really that blog-worthy. Let's face it: your first year was what I fondly refer to as the Appendage Age (or the AppendAge), as in, you were basically an appendage dangling off my chest in your Ergo carrier, first all snuggled in and out of sight and now sticking out, waving those arms and kicking those legs and constantly attempting to eat my nose and pull out my earrings. But now the AppendAge is coming to an end.  Babyman is in school five ... [READ MORE]

Ladies Who Lunch

I thought last summer was the summer for babies, since half the women I know were pregnant (including me).  But history appears to be repeating itself, as this summer the other half of the women I know are pregnant (and the first half have small babies, meaning no one -- but no one -- goes out for happy hour anymore.  Boo.). The thing about knowing a lot of pregnant gals is that you find yourself attending a lot of baby showers.  These take many forms.  There are the ladies' only baby showers, often given by sisters or moms or aunts, where there is iced tea and a light salad lunch and ... [READ MORE]

On Sleep, or the Absence Thereof

Babygirl woke up not quite crying at 2am last night (this morning?).  She is nearly five months old and rarely wakes up in the night anymore, so we are always sort of indecisive on how to deal with it.  (I should mention at this point that we are CIO people.  It works for us.  But it's not everyone's thing.  I get it.)  So last night we lay in bed and listened to the crackle of the baby monitor as she rolled around in her crib and debated just how badly she wanted us. You parents know the sound: whimper whimper...pause...whimper CRY!  whimper...pause...CRY!...CRY!...whimper...silence.  And ... [READ MORE]

Oh, We’re Just Passing Through…

In honor of Babygirl's arrival I have switched back to part-time work, and though my maternity leave officially ends after Thanksgiving, we ratcheted Babyman down to part-time daycare on November 1.  Which means, of course, that yesterday was my first full day with two children, on my own. I'll kill the suspense here and tell you that it went really well, and I feel with some confidence that I can do this.  (Though it also bears pointing out that in doing this I will do little -- read: NOTHING -- else.  I will not read the paper, I will not watch the news, I will not download the new ... [READ MORE]

The Babes and the Boobs

As mentioned in my previous posts, shortly before midnight on August 28th, my husband and I welcomed a daughter into our family.  We had kept the gender a surprise and were both prepared for another boy, so when she emerged a little girl there was much joyful weeping and disbelief, followed shortly by a staggering parade of pink cotton clothing.  YAY! She is, of course, perfect.  Round head, little nose, all those tiny fingers and toes...and the simple fact that every night since her first at home she has slept at least one 5-6 hour stretch has us convinced that she is, in fact, made of ... [READ MORE]

Statute of Limitations

We live in a doorman building, fairly unusual in San Francisco, which allows us to do a great deal of retailing online because there is always someone to sign for packages.  My favorite website on earth (and I'm totally serious, I can't say enough good things about it) is  Four words: free next-day delivery.  Heck yeah!  Oops, I'm almost out of diapers!  Order by 6pm and by midday the next day, there's a case on my doorstep.  I try not to abuse this service and order in bulk as much as possible for biological-footprint reasons, but it's nice to know it's there in a pinch. Well, ... [READ MORE]

And Then There Were Two (or is it four? or two-on-two?)

About ten days after the arrival of Babygirl on August 28th, I found myself in the kitchen at 5am, baking cupcakes for Babyman's birthday celebration at school while Babygirl enjoyed her post-breakfast snooze in her bouncy chair.  The morning unfolded with the usual parade of lunchboxes, 3-year-old negotiations for more playtime/Sesame Street time/book time, the great wrestling match that is getting dressed and putting on sunscreen -- interspersed now with all the breastfeeding, diaper changing, soothing, burping and so forth that accompanies a newborn. By the time the family stroller ... [READ MORE]