Love and a Little Crazy

Have you ever found yourself standing in a basement room at 5am, gearing up for two loads of laundry and a two-mile run before breakfast, wondering when, exactly, you started sprinting through life?  5am is not really a reasonable time to do anything besides sleep or drink coffee, and yet here I am using it, milking it, this precious hour before people wake up and start needing things.  When did the rest of my life get so squeezed?  What (misguided) choices am I making that drives me to this point? I like to think I am a good multi-tasker but lately I wonder if I'm actually really ... [READ MORE]

Statute of Limitations

We live in a doorman building, fairly unusual in San Francisco, which allows us to do a great deal of retailing online because there is always someone to sign for packages.  My favorite website on earth (and I'm totally serious, I can't say enough good things about it) is  Four words: free next-day delivery.  Heck yeah!  Oops, I'm almost out of diapers!  Order by 6pm and by midday the next day, there's a case on my doorstep.  I try not to abuse this service and order in bulk as much as possible for biological-footprint reasons, but it's nice to know it's there in a pinch. Well, ... [READ MORE]


As it turns out, the Easy Lunchboxes website is less about food and more about packaging.  Which is interesting at this particular moment in time because Babyman has just graduated to the Twos' classroom at his preschool.  Lunchbox containers are a big deal in the Twos' room, as the core of the Twos' curriculum is self-sufficiency.  At lunchtime, that means no more plastic tray with a friendly teacher spooning out portions of chicken, pasta, or applesauce.  Nope, in the Twos' room, the teacher will simply put all of Babyman's various baggies and containers in front of him and let him have at ... [READ MORE]

On Packing a Lunch

Lest my more loyal readers fear that I am wholly fixated on Babyman's vegetable consumption, take heart: I am also pretty obsessed with lunchbox packing (and shoes, but that's for another blog I suppose). What is it about lunchboxes?  At the preschool level, at least, it means someone else (i.e., Babyman's wonderful teacher) has a window into the weird world of his particular tastes.  I mean, with all the friends and activities and distractions at school, it's not exactly an ideal place to test-drive new recipes.  But if I loaded his lunchbox with his favorites, it would look something like ... [READ MORE]

This Plate has Changed my Life

Is it depressing that a dinner plate has changed my life?  Perhaps.  It might be true that I need to get out more. But anyway, Babyman recently got this plate as a gift.  Now we are going to need several because every (and I mean every) lunch and dinner is served out of it, which translates into yet more washing of dishes during the day.  Yikes. But actually, the dish has had a very positive impact on meal planning in our house.  Specifically, it has given rise to a very toddler-friendly phenomenon I like to call the Pick 'n' Mix Meal.  The beauty of the Pick 'n' Mix Meal is that it can ... [READ MORE]