Life Can Be So Sweet…

It hasn't been the easiest of stretches, these past six months.  Factors both inside and outside of my control have conspired to put me in one of those forests-versus-trees mindsets: you know the kind, where the daily details can start to overwhelm, and you lose perspective.  When difficulty finding a parking space drives you to tears, something is out of whack.  (Or maybe you're pregnant.  Or a little of both.)  Call it mental spring (summer?) cleaning, but I am resolved to turn this trend around and, as luck would have it, a few changes are afoot which are helping me along. 1) I am going ... [READ MORE]


My mother's group message board has been lighting up lately with requests for baby food inspiration.  It's been a reminder that I'm in kind of a rut.  I'm not going to be too hard on myself -- what I call "a rut" is really "the total lack of downtime afforded to two working parents whose child has abandoned his nap" -- but the long and the short of it is this: I am sick of the sight/taste/prospect of my own cooking.  I make the same damn things every week and it's boooor-ing. My CSA box is the only thing keeping our kitchen remotely interesting these days.  (Along with the odd pregnancy ... [READ MORE]

The Apartment of Homeland Security

The Big Boy Bed has prompted us to consider the possibility of Babyman exiting the apartment in the night.  I know from experience that his first (and probably only) stop is actually our bedroom, but I live in fear of waking up in the morning to find that, outside of the comfortable cage-like confines of his crib, he has decided to go somewhere...else.  Despite the fact that there are 15 stories of apartment building for Babyman to navigate (by way of an elevator in which he can only reach the buttons for floors B through 4), followed by a vast lobby, I am convinced that he *could* find ... [READ MORE]

Transitions! Transitions…

My husband woke with a start at 1 a.m.  Hence I woke with a start at 1 a.m., to find that Babyman was standing about two inches from my husband's face, barely whispering, "Daddy?", like some tow-headed, munchkin-sized apparition.  Both of our hearts racing (but me being too pregnant and groggy to respond coherently to the situation) my husband got out of bed and quietly walked Babyman back to his room, where he snuggled in without protest and immediately went back to sleep. We have transitioned to the Big Boy Bed. This is actually our second attempt: Big Boy Bed, Redux.  The first ... [READ MORE]

It All Started with the Avocado…

I realized I have made several references to the Almighty Avocado since starting this blog, so you may already be sensing that I am obsessed.  Avocados are a superfood.  They are packed with nutrients.  They are full of fat, but it’s the good kind, like almonds, or olive oil.  They are creamy and delicious like butter, or cheese.  They require no teeth.   Flashback to Babyman around 6 months of age.  Sure, we’d tried brown rice cereal and sweet potatoes, but it was the avocado that really rang his little gastronomic bell.  This tiny person could take down a  half an avocado, mixed ... [READ MORE]