The Compromise

A young (and surprisingly fresh-looking, given that it's dawn in this photo) me, feeding LittleMan his first rice cereal on the floor of my parents' house, February 2009 I had a conversation with someone last week that got me thinking about regret. Regret is such an ugly word: one that connotes shame and sadness and a desire to move backwards in the hopes of rewriting history.  It is such a strange word to associate in any way with the following of love and the bearing of children...and yet, in fathoming the life not lived, the path not chosen, it lurks somewhere on the fringes. ... [READ MORE]

A Full Fridge and A Great Shoe

Two things I love: a full fridge and a great shoe. The former is really what the blog was once all about: a physical manifestation of caring for my family.  Of being prepared.  Of thinking ahead.  Of getting stocked with the nourishing things they like to eat, feeling ready to pack the lunches make the dinners carry the snacks.  Seriously, nothing stresses me out like a Friday Morning Fridge, with its remnants of the week's leftovers and just the rinds of the parmesan cheese and the lonely yogurt that is no one's favorite flavor and Oh my God what am I going to feed these people today?? ... [READ MORE]


Of all the things that have happened in the past seven years, I can honestly say that the lice ranks in the Top Three events that really sent me around the twist.  Like, the lice almost did me in. It wasn't me that got the lice (thank goodness, which I know isn't totally altruistic but...thank goodness).  It was poor Babygirl, who took those bugs LIKE A CHAMP.  And though I did not get the lice (thank goodness - oh, God, I said it again), I did sit by Babygirl for the entire week she was getting treated for the lice at the Lice-Infested-Family Extortion Company.  (Also known as Hair ... [READ MORE]

The Blog

I've taken some heat lately for neglecting Less on the Floor, which I promised myself (and, perhaps, others) I wouldn't do.  I let an entire month go by with nothing at all, a first for this blog.  Which is why I'm going to go ahead and hack this one post out: to have something on the board.  Something to prove that I haven't given up on the thing that brought me to where I am today.  It might be crap but it's a return, which is something. After all, this blog changed my life. My kids changed my life, of course.  My kids took everything I knew to be true about myself and the world and ... [READ MORE]

Where are you going, where have you been

Forgive me if I'm repeating myself but if you are just joining us here at Less on the Floor, a few words about me.  I am a mother to two: my elementary-aged son and preschool-aged daughter.  Together with my husband, we live in the heart of a major US city, in a two-bedroom apartment on the 15th floor which boasts sweeping views, a teeny-tiny floor plan, strategic bunk-beds, and a dining room table currently strewn with 4,000 Legos, my laptop, some stray salt and pepper, and (don’t ask) the belt from a bathrobe, which is tying several of the chairs together.  This is what passes for a fort on ... [READ MORE]

One Superhero’s Phone Booth…

I'm self-employed now.  I've probably mentioned that along the way -- I lose track -- but yes, I am my own boss.  And I'm co-founding a company!  More on that later (if I remember and have time to write it down).  It's all very exciting. These audacious professional moves have coincided with the collapse of our after-school childcare infrastructure in the wake of LittleMan changing schools.  So basically there's good news, and there's bad news, and the bad news is that my house is a mess and my kids are quickly becoming notorious in Safeway for their after-school shenanigans and I don't ... [READ MORE]

Dawn, Lakeside

On our annual Tahoe vacation, unfettered by the 5:15 gym routine and the lunch boxes and the office hours, I totally dig mornings.  I like the peace of the morning: a hot, bittersweet cup of coffee and a good lakeside sunrise and a soundtrack of geese squawking in chevron flight.  Up until approximately 6 years ago, I liked putting Joni Mitchell on the iPod and cracking the paper and letting the morning happen.  I liked long walks before the world woke up.  We indulged in leisurely marital debates on the merits of a hike versus a bike ride, beach versus lake. As it turns out, on our annual ... [READ MORE]