Goodbye, Hello

  On a Monday morning not long ago, I had trouble waking up.  I missed my usual morning workout, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise: the temperature shot up past 70 degrees that afternoon, so I dropped everything I had planned for the 90 minutes the kids attend After School Care and bolted for the Embarcadero the minute I left work. The promenade was alive with sun-seekers, nannies and mommies with strollers, dogs, all moving at different speeds.  I set my sights on Mission Creek. There is a playground near the ballpark, a blink-and-you'll miss it little fenced-in spot ... [READ MORE]

The Tightrope

I think a lot about the decision to go back to work after having a baby.  My baby-having days are long in the rear-view mirror, but the decision is present, so present: since having my first child nearly six years ago I have kept at it, stuck to my guns and backed down in equal parts (every day).  I have worked full-time and part-time for three employers (plus freelance) in my attempts to Make It Work.  I have lost earrings and run in heels.  I have wondered why the conference room smelled like vomit only to realize it was my own sweater.  I have managed to locate my poise anyway, and given ... [READ MORE]

Love and a Little Crazy

Have you ever found yourself standing in a basement room at 5am, gearing up for two loads of laundry and a two-mile run before breakfast, wondering when, exactly, you started sprinting through life?  5am is not really a reasonable time to do anything besides sleep or drink coffee, and yet here I am using it, milking it, this precious hour before people wake up and start needing things.  When did the rest of my life get so squeezed?  What (misguided) choices am I making that drives me to this point? I like to think I am a good multi-tasker but lately I wonder if I'm actually really ... [READ MORE]

This Crazy Life

MORNING: Wake.  Work out.  Pack lunchboxes.  Shower.  Attempt hairstyle.  Put on shoes.  Put little feet in little shoes.  Put little arms in little sweaters.  Gather bags and children.  Battle carseat.  Drop-off.  Drop-off.  Check email on phone.  Drive.  Arrive.  Check email.  Check Gilt (I confess).  Work. AFTERNOON: Check calendar.  Check time.  Call babysitter.  Call another babysitter.  Stress about babysitters.  Pencil in shopping time.  Work faster to leave work earlier.  Drive.  Park.  Procure Legos/scarves/jewelry/glassware.  Procure gift wrap.  Procure dinner.  Drive.  Pick-up. ... [READ MORE]

The Jelly Bean Jar

"One forgets about parenthood — the on and on-ness of it."  - Downton Abbey As ever, the Dowager is given the best line. Our darling daughter has reached a "stage in her development" where her only purpose in life is to interrupt (at best) or totally disrupt (at worst) any activity her brother is engaged in, leaving me in a constant state of vigilance to maintain a tenuous peace.  Got a check to write?  A lunchbox to pack?  Too bad.  In the two seconds it takes to uncap a ballpoint pen, Babygirl has parkoured across the livingroom and onto the couch, the better to pull out giant chunks ... [READ MORE]

Why Do We Do This Again? (Again, In Which I Brave Pinterest)

"Wait.  You went to PRINCETON?" the woman exclaimed.  Then she shook her head.  "I can't believe you only work part-time.  Shouldn't you be off, like, conquering the world or something?" We had covered a fair bit of territory at this point, this rather more, shall we say, Sandbergian mother and I, on the sunny green where our children played: work habits (primarily), bedtime routines, daycare experiences.  After educational pedigree we moved on to hobbies and I mentioned I maintain a blog.  "How many readers do you have?"  Not too many.  About 600 hits a month.  "Do you monetize at all?"  I ... [READ MORE]

Hot Town, Summer in the City

Life is one big learning process, and one thing I am learning this month is that random school holidays are often the enemy of the working parent.  It's funny, actually, because as an educator myself I have always loved school holidays and considered them a terrific perk of the profession.  But now that I have a son in "real school" I am realizing that: 1) there are an inordinate number of school holidays; 2) all schools have different holiday calendars; and, of course, 3) the rest of the world keeps on turnin' -- meaning deadlines still need to be met, phone calls answered, dollars raised, ... [READ MORE]