Friday Recipe Roundup

ImageIt’s Friday night, and my husband is off to his Fantasy Baseball draft (do you capitalize Fantasy Baseball? le hmmmm).  Anyway, this was fine with me because a) I totally get his need for a virtual escape and b) the kids were exhausted and went to sleep without a fight and c)  I was way jazzed to watch Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part Deux…except that d) it’s only available for pre-order and my TV picture is all screwed up because, kids + remotes.

So instead I am reminded that my dear girlfriend the other day recommended I start doing a Friday Recipe Roundup on Less on the Floor.  She said that everyone is already doing #mealplanMondays and anyhow we all shop on the weekends, don’t we? So my thing is to post the Recipe Roundup on Friday and then you can shop your week on Saturday like real people do.

I really thought this idea would get me all disciplined about posting on Fridays every week, until Friday came and went.  Except it didn’t!  Because of the Hunger Games/Fantasy Situation!  Everyone wins!

I actually am a super-nerd meal-planner extraordinaire, and I’ve already thought through the next several weeks thanks to our drive home from Tahoe last week (I read lots o’ food magazines on the I-80).  So: here we go!

Less on the Floor Recipe Roundup No. 1

Sunday: It’s going to be a big weekend, so Sunday we’ll keep it simple.  A socca (soooo easy) and a big Mediterranean salad with olive-oil-marinated tomatoes (Whole Foods, near the cheese), jarred kalamata olives, feta, and Goop’s anchovy-vinaigrette (add half a lemon – you’ll thank me).
(Kid Version: socca, if they’ll eat it; otherwise whole wheat pasta with tuna and olives, and cherry tomatoes on the side.)

Monday: Mondays are for Getting Back in the Groove, so we’ll do this grapefruit, avocado, and prosciutto salad. (I know, it’s a “breakfast salad” but I say, break the mold, you Monday warrior!)
(Kid version: prosciutto omelette with avocado chunks.)

Tuesday: Tonight I roasted broccoli for the kids’ dinner, and on a lark I steamed and pureed the stems with chili oil, so I’ll use the puree for Heidi’s double-broccoli quinoa with avocado & crushed almonds.  (I’ll admit I have a chef crush on Heidi Swanson, I do.)
(Kid version: Chicken thighs and roasted broccoli.)

Wednesday: White bean & cauliflower puree with pepper shrimp (I’ve been dying to make this, and this week I’m really going to…except I’m going to leave out the cheddar).
(Kid version: Steamed prawns and white bean & cauliflower puree.)

Thursday: Beet & kale salad…except I’m also adding a lotta walnuts & quinoa so it’s actually more of a grain bowl with protein.
(Kid version: mac n’ cheese.  It’s THURSDAY for lord’s sake.)

Friday: Fish tacos, black beans & mango-avocado salsa (sounds fancy but literally just mash together frozen mango cubes, avocado, lime, and salt).
(Kid version: fish, cheesy corn tortillas, black beans, and avocado, and NOT TOUCHING)

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