Back in the Saddle Again

It was November 2009.  My husband had been on something of a "bromance" kick, with three bachelor parties, two football games, three weddings of best friends...It seemed like for weeks, he was either out of town or out of pocket.  Some months are like that. There was a gal at the playground.  One far more outgoing than I, with a son the same age as LittleMan, and as the two boys toddled around together we got to chatting.  Her husband had Giants season tickets (as in New York in in out-of-state), and she, too, was flying solo quite a bit as he traveled back and ... [READ MORE]

In the Dark

Wherever you are, it is dark. That is the first criterion.  It is dark, and, with any luck, it is quiet.  Because this is the Wind-Down Time. Usually, you are at home, in your baby's room, or in your room; but sometimes, you are in your in-laws' study, or your sister's guest room, or your college buddy's bathroom (in the worst-case scenario, and obviously not speaking from experience, of course).  In any case, the time has come for your child to Wind Down, so you find or create a quiet space to rock and soothe and see it through. If your baby is nursing, the breast does the work.  If ... [READ MORE]

To Babygirl, At Your First Birthday

Dear Babygirl, Did you think I was neglecting you on this blog?  I assure you that's not the case.  It's just that, until recently, you weren't really that blog-worthy. Let's face it: your first year was what I fondly refer to as the Appendage Age (or the AppendAge), as in, you were basically an appendage dangling off my chest in your Ergo carrier, first all snuggled in and out of sight and now sticking out, waving those arms and kicking those legs and constantly attempting to eat my nose and pull out my earrings. But now the AppendAge is coming to an end.  Babyman is in school five ... [READ MORE]

And So It Begins

Dear Babyman, Last week I dropped you off for your first day of Pre-K.  For the second time in your short life, you will attend school five days a week; this time, however, it's for good.  There will be no chance in the years to come for us to say, "You know?  Five days is a lot for a little man.  How can we scale it back?"  After Pre-K comes Kindergarten comes Grade 1, and that's real school, man. So on Monday I dropped you off, new lunchbox in hand (Cars 2), new shirt on your back (Toy Story), and you ventured into that big room with the big kids and the tall cubbies, and you hung your ... [READ MORE]

Resisting A Rest

It's just past noon in sunny Lake Tahoe and I'm watching Cars 2 with Babyman, blogging, and having a mimosa.  No complaints here (besides Babyman, who at present is calling the landscaper a bad guy! for daring to mow the lawn during movie hour). I've said it before, but Tahoe Time is a rather wonderful parallel universe in which to vacation.   There are swings and slides and rock walls.  There is swimming, kayaking, and digging in the sand.  There are geese in chevron flight and grasshoppers and dragonflies and ice cream cones melting in the sun and cold beers by the pool in the late ... [READ MORE]

The Only Thing We Have to Fear

Babyman is terrified.  Hands covering his ears, little body quivering.  On his lap, his Lego rocket-blaster from the Cars 2 collection is locked and loaded, ready to fire if necessary.  Snuggled between us, a floppy Woody doll smiles benignly at the television screen, where a fight-to-the-death battle between Buzz Lightyear and the Evil Emperor Zurg has Babyman utterly riveted. It is our second pass at Toy Story 2, and at Babyman's request we are watching it without sound. I will confess to forcing the issue a little bit.  I am of the opinion that a little fear is constructive, ... [READ MORE]

Beginnings, Revisited

"Why do I have to try new things?  Why do you make me do this?" "Because it's part of life, Babyman.  Trying new things is part of being alive." This was perhaps an unfair, all-too-world-weary response for my young child at the dinner table.  However, in my defense, sometimes the whining and the arms-crossed refusal to eat get a little...old.  Sometimes I want him to just take the damn bite, already, so we can all get on with our lives. Babygirl attacks her veggies with exuberance.  The mere sight of her brightly-colored bowls being carried to the table sends her into babbling fits of ... [READ MORE]