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  Sometime around 10am on Christmas morning, long (long) after all the wrapping had been demolished and LittleMan was on to Lego Number 5, Babygirl started to do that thing that she does when she wants to "make".  Girlfriend loves to get her make on.  She loves to make cupcakes and make lunches with mommy and make hard-boiled eggs and -- picture hand-on-hips here -- "make something, like, with glue...and paint...and glitter..." Anyone who has made a habit of reading this blog (and, frankly, anyone who ever met me) is aware that crafts are not generally my jam.  DIY has always been ... [READ MORE]


My husband's favorite month is October, and for the longest time I thought mine was too.  But strangely, I woke on November 1, 2014 feeling more optimistic than I have in months.  While LittleMan and Babygirl staggered through the morning-after-Halloween in their various states of exhaustion and sugar-fueled bursts of energy (or tears), I blazed around the apartment, tearing down the paper bats and skeleton bunting, tossing out tired-looking pumpkins, and eventually re-arranging all the toys and purging yet more "baby stuff" that no one plays with or wears anymore.  Practically whistling while ... [READ MORE]

An Object in Motion, Stopped

We never did give LittleMan that haircut.  He started the 2014 semester with his usual sticking-out 'do, despite our best intentions. We never got to those last few loads of laundry, either; or the thank you notes (deeply grateful though we are...we're working on it, I promise); or The Pile on the kitchen counter that desperately needs to be sorted through and filed.  We did not research the bunk-bed purchase, and I did not update my blog (although I will say with some satisfaction that 2013 was my most prolific year yet, nearly meeting my goal of a post a week).  We are still figuring out ... [READ MORE]


  Was anybody else utterly thrown off by the fact that Thanksgiving was a week later this year, thus shortening the usual Christmas build-up by nearly ten days? I was. And so I find myself in January, still reeling from the whirlwind, with another season of memories logged, a heap of sparkly clothes ready to go to the dry cleaner...and very little to show on the blog front. What am I looking forward to now?  Some rest, a lot of very clean eating/drinking/exercising/ living, and the days making their slow march towards spring.  Also, a few mellow dates with the husband now that ... [READ MORE]

Holly Jolly (and How)

There is one thing my children Will Not Do. (There are 10,001 things my children Will Not Do.  But anyway.) There is one thing my children Will Not Do that my husband and I desperately wish they would, and that is Pose for the Damn Christmas Card, Dammit! Every year it's the same thing.  We gussy them up and we go to the hotel lobby or the majestic downtown office building with the epic tree or the off-the-hook elves-in-classic-cars display and we let them run around a bit. The photo session commences: We cajole.  We plead.  We clap and dance around and wave our hands over our ... [READ MORE]

The Delicate Decisions and the Damage Done

Before Breakfast: "I think I'm going to be Luke Skywalker for Halloween, because Luke has a green lightsaber and I got a green lightsaber for my birthday." "Makes sense.  Let's do it." En Route to School: "You know, I saw that you put my Lightning McQueen costume in the bag to give away, but I think I should try it on, because I might like to be Lightning McQueen for Halloween." "You were Lightning McQueen the past two years, Bud.  Don't you think you want to mix it up?" "Well, I was going to change my mind and be Luke Skywalker but we already have the costume so I think I should wear ... [READ MORE]

Whose Idea Was This, Anyway?

There are certain things I like to do at Christmastime, dammit. I like to go to see the dogs (okay, and the cats too) in the windows at Macy's.  Those Macy's people really know what they're doing.  Standing there, with a hundred wreaths of lights twinkling above, and the motorized figure skaters in carefully curated outfits whirling across a fantastical San Francisco landscape, and the SPCA puppy ("Hi, I'm Deeter" reads his nameplate) gazing out all moon-eyed...well, that would be enough, wouldn't it?  But on top of all that there is music playing: majestically festive music, swelling out ... [READ MORE]