Finding the Center

"Mommy," LittleMan said as we walked hand-in-hand from his school building the other day, rush hour traffic swirling all around, "I am just letting you know that I am going to be quiet for a few minutes now, because I'm feeling sort of tired.  Quiet means you don't talk.  Then when we get where we're going, I'll feel refreshed." "That sounds nice," I agreed.  "I'll be quiet for a few minutes too." So we walked, and quietly watched the world trying to get home, by foot or bus or train or car, while the Bay Bridge traffic mounted and the Giants fans plowed towards the ballpark and the 5 ... [READ MORE]

Resisting A Rest

It's just past noon in sunny Lake Tahoe and I'm watching Cars 2 with Babyman, blogging, and having a mimosa.  No complaints here (besides Babyman, who at present is calling the landscaper a bad guy! for daring to mow the lawn during movie hour). I've said it before, but Tahoe Time is a rather wonderful parallel universe in which to vacation.   There are swings and slides and rock walls.  There is swimming, kayaking, and digging in the sand.  There are geese in chevron flight and grasshoppers and dragonflies and ice cream cones melting in the sun and cold beers by the pool in the late ... [READ MORE]

Laundry List

Here is a true story: it is approaching 11pm on a Friday night during the Christmas season.  I am nursing a (very weak) eggnog and brandy, listening to my dad's "Chrismix Vol. II" on the CD player, basking in the glow of the tree...and folding three loads of laundry...and blogging about it. Here is another true story: it has been over a month since my last post.  This is a new low.  And believe me, I've written a hundred blog posts in my head.  But there is simply NO TIME (as evidenced by the scene described above) to get them into the laptop.  Such is life. To give credit where credit ... [READ MORE]

The Babes and the Boobs

As mentioned in my previous posts, shortly before midnight on August 28th, my husband and I welcomed a daughter into our family.  We had kept the gender a surprise and were both prepared for another boy, so when she emerged a little girl there was much joyful weeping and disbelief, followed shortly by a staggering parade of pink cotton clothing.  YAY! She is, of course, perfect.  Round head, little nose, all those tiny fingers and toes...and the simple fact that every night since her first at home she has slept at least one 5-6 hour stretch has us convinced that she is, in fact, made of ... [READ MORE]

On Vacation: Let it Be

Our little family is enjoying our annual sojourn at Lake Tahoe, a blissful summer week of sun and water and outdoor grilling.  My husband and I have been making this pilgrimage for about five years - since well before Babyman came along - and our ritual is to plan a special dinner for every night we are here, resulting in the copious consumption of grilled fare, salad, and wine for nine straight days.  This year, for the first time, Babyman is what my dad refers to as a "fully-formed humanoid" and therefore an unwitting participant in the food fest. If you have been to Tahoe, then you know ... [READ MORE]