Celebrating a Decade

This week I am back on The Eagle's Nest, with a short bit about our 10th Anniversary, which happens to be today.  Yes, I have been married a decade.  A DECADE! Babyman is rather flustered that he is not receiving presents (my husband gave me a beautiful Mediterranean cookbook at breakfast).  "Is it a special day for me?" he keeps asking.  We continue to explain that it's a special day for all of us, because if Mommy and Daddy hadn't gotten married, then we wouldn't have our wonderful family.  This does not explain the absence of presents, however, so he is consoling himself with the fact ... [READ MORE]

Mommy Chic

I cut my hair a few months ago.  I know, I know: what is it about new moms going and chopping off all of their hair?  Well, I have two theories: 1. When you are pregnant, your hair gets AH-mazing.  Prell-commercial fabulous.  When you are hair challenged, as I am, this is a wonderful side benefit of the whole human-condominium thing.  But then when you have your baby and your hormones drop, like, overnight, all of that fabulous hair falls out in giant clumpfuls.  (I'm sorry...if you haven't had kids yet I am probably freaking you out right about now.)  So that lush mane becomes a stringy ... [READ MORE]