Back to the Blazer

It was a true summer vacation after all.  I realized last night, brushing my teeth and running through The List, that I haven't been home for a full weekend in more than six weeks -- since the Fourth of July.  New York City, Water Mill, Tahoe, home, Tahoe, Tahoe, now home, then back to Tahoe.  Summer after summer after sun-soaked summer.  Lucky lady.  But in the interim weeks there is a Life to attend to: money to raise, donor walls to design, school uniforms to buy, birthday parties to plan, babysitters to call, lunchboxes to pack. Back to the blazer, back to the black jean, back to the ... [READ MORE]

Camping? Glamping.

After a weekend not-really-roughing it in the high heat of the outer East Bay, it's nice to think about what I might wear in the Great Outdoors if I had access to, say, a mirror (for starters).  Thanks to Jessica Davis at The Eagle's Nest for indulging me...Read more here. Board design by Jess Davis   ... [READ MORE]

Any Excuse

Sometimes you just need a new pair of shoes, no? The heels featured here were necessitated by a robot project at LittleMan's school.  You can read the full post in my latest contribution to The Eagle's Nest - HERE. Style board by Jess Davis at The Eagle's Nest   ... [READ MORE]

That Owen Wilson, He’s Everywhere

"The sun is out, the coals are hot, and the pool is luke." These memorable words were first uttered by Owen Wilson, whose voice is indelibly seared into my brain thanks to the Cars saga (of course thanks to Star Wars, I now refer to all movie series as sagas -- and by the way, did any of you notice that OW is now the voice of Hertz Car Rental?  I thought so, you film buffs). My husband and I repeat them often, as the pool where we swim most weekends is maintained at lukewarm-degrees all year round. Of course, while I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to take the kids swimming, ... [READ MORE]

Is it Spring yet?

Not much to report on the kiddo front, but on this morning of blustery unsettled weather, nothing inspires a gal like a fresh biscotti and a coffee at her desk and the always-witty company of Tom & Lorenzo. The spring wardrobe is just waiting to bust out.  You can hear about what Babygirl and I are planning to wear (florals!!) by visiting me at the Eagle's Nest. Style Board by Jess Davis Happy shopping!   ... [READ MORE]

Stormy Skies

  I drive to work every day now, on account of The Routine. Depart home 8:05am (or earlier...or usually later, which is stressful). Drop off Babygirl 8:15am.  Brave the parking lot at LittleMan's School 8:19am.  Sign LittleMan in 8:20am.  Do morning paper with LittleMan.  Read short book with LittleMan until the bell rings 8:33am. Get in car.  Get gas.  Stop at Trader Joe's to buy non-perishable groceries.  Make friendly chit-chat with check-out guy. Drive to work.  Work 9am to 2:40pm.  Drive (too fast) to LittleMan's school for 3pm pick-up (change into flat/comfortable shoes at ... [READ MORE]


About a month ago, my husband started reading this blog with some regularity, and he has begun to comment on it out of the blue, over dinner, or on the phone. It's funny, not knowing who's reading at any given time; I check the Stats page so I know how many people have clicked (5 today!), and I can see that they live somewhere in North America (unsurprising).  I can assume, if I have posted the link on Facebook, that most of them are people I know.  But then there are the Google searchwords.  Random stuff: "eggless jalapeno poppers"; "Memorial Day"; "cry it out."  And -- my cosmic ... [READ MORE]