Minimalist Mommy Fail

Live simpler.  Shop smarter.  Look better. It sounded logical enough.  Inspired by Project 333, the idea is to "shop your own closet" to create a capsule wardrobe for one month, and share the results with the group.  February seemed a good choice, being a short month.  My friend chronicles the genesis of the idea on her personal blog, here.  All the participants have wound up structuring their challenges a little differently, depending on climate (polar vortex in the East, drought in the West) and priorities (even with a broken foot I have 7 pairs of shoes on my list...addicted).  I opted ... [READ MORE]


Occasionally, in those sleepy, random-thought moments , I have stared at my feet and pondered the usefulness of toes.  Like baby teeth (they hurt, then they fall out) or the appendix or tonsils (why?), toes seem purposed for little in the human body (besides the big toe, which is good for balance I suppose).  But the rest of them?  My little toe, in particular, is so tiny that it seems destined to vanish as evolution progresses.  And besides, they get in the way of fabulous shoes. There you have it, folks: Jaime's Theory of Evolution -- The End of Toes. Unfortunately, as fate would have ... [READ MORE]


  Was anybody else utterly thrown off by the fact that Thanksgiving was a week later this year, thus shortening the usual Christmas build-up by nearly ten days? I was. And so I find myself in January, still reeling from the whirlwind, with another season of memories logged, a heap of sparkly clothes ready to go to the dry cleaner...and very little to show on the blog front. What am I looking forward to now?  Some rest, a lot of very clean eating/drinking/exercising/ living, and the days making their slow march towards spring.  Also, a few mellow dates with the husband now that ... [READ MORE]

This Crazy Life

MORNING: Wake.  Work out.  Pack lunchboxes.  Shower.  Attempt hairstyle.  Put on shoes.  Put little feet in little shoes.  Put little arms in little sweaters.  Gather bags and children.  Battle carseat.  Drop-off.  Drop-off.  Check email on phone.  Drive.  Arrive.  Check email.  Check Gilt (I confess).  Work. AFTERNOON: Check calendar.  Check time.  Call babysitter.  Call another babysitter.  Stress about babysitters.  Pencil in shopping time.  Work faster to leave work earlier.  Drive.  Park.  Procure Legos/scarves/jewelry/glassware.  Procure gift wrap.  Procure dinner.  Drive.  Pick-up. ... [READ MORE]

Back to Red-ality

Style board from The Eagle's Nest (Jess Davis) Lately I am making a daily read of Damsel in Dior.  The posts are pretty to look at and easy to digest; the clothes are generally affordable (despite the Damsel's penchant for crazy handbags), and it's a nice bit of escapism to read style tips from a gal who does not face the same daily fashion hurdles I do (i.e. chocolate-covered fingerprints on silk shirtdresses or trouser hems dragging in muddy soccer fields).  I give her dubious credit for this summer's perhaps frivolous -- but very fun! -- ankle-strap peep-toe spree (you can see some ... [READ MORE]

Party On

Style Board by Jess Davis, The Eagle's Nest The Month of Birthdays continues.  Our quiet family celebration, the Spidey-Doo birthday party, a picnic in the park for Babygirl and my niece, and -- coming soon -- a dinner party with family friends...Every weekend lately serves up an excuse to eat cake and drink wine.  (For better or worse.) In the meantime, back-to-school activities keep us on our toes from Monday to Friday.  Parent association meetings, soccer practice, the frantic dash to buy new cleats because we've outgrown last season's, new nap schedules...The list goes on and on ... [READ MORE]

Last Gasp

  Board Design by Jess Davis, The Eagle's Nest Lest anyone ever accuse me of getting too maudlin, let me assure you that mere hours after I published my previous post I found myself trying to change Babygirl's diaper, and she was playing a rollicking game of "Oh, Hell, No You Don't!", and there were wipes everywhere and there was diaper cream on my face and I threw up my hands and said (perhaps a little too loudly): "OH MY GOD I AM NOT SURE I CAN HANDLE THIS!" And then I screamed "Aaaargh!!!!" Which started everyone crying.  And then my husband walked in ... [READ MORE]