Recipe Roundup No. 8: Back-to-School

That's my old stove, btw. I literally cannot wrap my head around the fact that today is officially the last day of summer vacation and school starts Monday.  First of all, let us review the date, which is August 12.  Still squarely in summertime, in my humble opinion.  But I am slowly accepting the fact that I don't make the rules when it comes to the SFUSD (oh, but if I did...) and so on Monday we will suit up at the ungodly hour of 7:20am and make the trek to Day One. Babygirl starts Kindergarten on Monday.  Did you hear that?  BABYGIRL STARTS KINDERGARTEN ON MONDAY.  Remember when ... [READ MORE]

Wednesday Wishlist: 7 Best Fall Jeans

As I raided my own closet a few weeks back, I made peace with the fact that all I want to wear is jeans and a good top, on repeat.  I've always known this, of course, but the magpie in me has continued to be drawn toward special somethings and glittery this's and that's along the way. No more.  I officially have closet-focus. It's a general enough mom-iform: can be dressed up or down, can be re-worked for professional settings or park ones.  There is even room for a skirt or two in there.  So without further ado, I offer my top denim picks for Fall (with a few classic shoes in there for ... [READ MORE]

21st Century Problems

I've started deleting apps on my iPhone instead of downloading them.  To be fair, this is mostly to make room for LittleMan's continued level-climbing in the NexoKnights video game, but also: Why do I need to be a FandangoVIP? In these modern times, I will admit that there are certain things I can no longer live without (ahem, Instacart). But this whole an-app-for-everything is starting to bug me.  Apps take up SPACE and space (literal and figurative) is something I just put such a premium on, you know?  I just need to know what time the movie is playing.  Why must I download a product to ... [READ MORE]

Recipe Roundup No. 7: Top Five in Two Weeks

The family pilgrimage to Tahoe at the end of July provided a much-needed break from all things real-life related, and aside from a bit of Insta-action I really didn't go online much.  Which was healthy.  And should happen more. In contrast, this last week has been all the things a first-week-back from vacation usually is: laundry (sooooo much laundry, always), overdue visits to the dentist, grocery shopping, catching up on email, back-to-school shopping, freaking out that it's already time for back-to-school, and so on.  Also, after a week of virtually pickling ourselves in ... [READ MORE]

Spin. Stop.

Driving through North Beach this morning, pondering the closure of the French-Italian bakery and what an olfactory loss that was for the neighborhood, wondering cynically what hipster cocktail cave will take its place, it occurred to me that I'm actively trying to make peace with my city. It's an old saw, how much San Francisco has changed -- is changing -- since the arrival of the Tech Set.  It's not particularly new, even (hello, late '90s) but somehow the tiny basement-room ripples became penthouse-level waves, and things are shape-shifting so visibly now.  I drive down streets I've ... [READ MORE]

The Most Perfect Roller Coaster

A funny thing has happened in the past couple of months that my husband and I are just beginning to wrap our heads around, in that way that you notice something but you're not sure it's real yet, and you don't want to get too excited or even name it lest it turn out to be a phantom or a fluke: Our kids seem to be becoming...friends. This quiet, joyful turn in their too-often-fraught sibling relationship coincides with another funny thing happening -- that I have very mixed feelings about -- and that is the fact that my Babygirl, my tiny dancer daughter born with the big smile and the Buddha ... [READ MORE]

Recipe Roundup No. 6: New Stove Joy

In case you're keeping tabs: my stove works. After, Oh, I don't know...four or five years of working periodically, unpredictably, and dangerously, it works at last! All the stoves in our building are electric, which is kind of unusual in San Francisco and definitely takes getting used to.  As an added bonus, our old stove (which, for the record, was an old stove), had bent coils that refused to lie flat, meaning that our pots and pans slid around on the stovetop unless you positioned them with the handles just so, balancing the weight of the pan against the weight of the contents of the ... [READ MORE]