Failure: An Anecdote in Three Parts

I. Signs that you have not had enough downtime in the last six months or so: You get so excited just to be alone in an airport bookstore that YOU MISS YOUR FLIGHT. In my defense, the entire landscape of the SFO Terminal 3 has changed significantly since the last time I was on an airplane back in the Dark Ages.  It’s all vast and light-filled and there are about 50 restaurants.  Walking into it I was like a child who hasn’t seen the outside world before. Also, the flight left ahead of schedule by about ten minutes.  (This, by the way, is why they advise you to be at the gate 30 minutes ... [READ MORE]

A Full Fridge and A Great Shoe

Two things I love: a full fridge and a great shoe. The former is really what the blog was once all about: a physical manifestation of caring for my family.  Of being prepared.  Of thinking ahead.  Of getting stocked with the nourishing things they like to eat, feeling ready to pack the lunches make the dinners carry the snacks.  Seriously, nothing stresses me out like a Friday Morning Fridge, with its remnants of the week's leftovers and just the rinds of the parmesan cheese and the lonely yogurt that is no one's favorite flavor and Oh my God what am I going to feed these people today?? ... [READ MORE]

One Superhero’s Phone Booth…

I'm self-employed now.  I've probably mentioned that along the way -- I lose track -- but yes, I am my own boss.  And I'm co-founding a company!  More on that later (if I remember and have time to write it down).  It's all very exciting. These audacious professional moves have coincided with the collapse of our after-school childcare infrastructure in the wake of LittleMan changing schools.  So basically there's good news, and there's bad news, and the bad news is that my house is a mess and my kids are quickly becoming notorious in Safeway for their after-school shenanigans and I don't ... [READ MORE]

The This and The That

What has this woman been up to? This poor blog, what whiplash it must feel: sometimes I just love all over it and sometimes I let it lie there, alone and untended, for weeks upon weeks.  But there I go anthropomorphizing something that doesn't need it (I have quite enough living things depending on me, thanks); I suppose it's nice to have a project like this, a sort of faux-commitment entirely of my own making.  So I let the blog go!  Who cares?  La dee da!  Look how free and loose I am! The truth, for those of you following at home, is rather multifold.  One: as has been hinted, change ... [READ MORE]

And In Other News…

Graphics by Cori Magee for Nest Studio I still find time to shop. (Priorities.) Jonesing for new kicks (and possibly new denim too -- the momiform can always use an infusion, n'est-ce pas?) on the Nest Studio Blog. ... [READ MORE]

Break it Down

A week ago I decided I am terrified of the dishwasher.  I read some article about the majority of home fires starting in appliances (dishwashers, washer-driers, toasters).  I did the math and concluded that a fire in our dishwasher would immediately block the door to apartment, the only real means of egress (there are fire escapes but they are down the hall), leaving us to perish or -- best-case scenario -- be airlifted off our deck by helicopter. (We would send the kids off to safety first.  I envisioned Babygirl and LittleMan, all strapped into one of those harnesses, swinging over ... [READ MORE]

In the Wind

Inspiration board design by Cori Magee for The Eagle's Nest With a click, with a shock, Phone'll jingle, door'll knock, Open the latch. Something's coming, don't know when But it's soon, catch the moon, One-handed catch. - Something's Coming, West Side Story I'm on the verge of something but I don't know what it is, exactly.  Some new adventure, some new chapter.  Maybe it's a few things.  Maybe some will fail.  Time will tell.  But I know I'm itching for change.  I'm ready. Best keep everything else simple. Streamlining my look with a simple shirtdress on The Eagle's ... [READ MORE]